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MY 25th BIRTHDAY TRIP part 1

So I've been working at the zoo for a year but I never took a vacation!!! (Lots of sick days but that doesn't count.) I decided I wanted to go to Katsucon with Meaka and my other pals, and when said other pals confirmed I would have a room I set about making my plans!!!!

This is really image heavy, so be warned!!

Last year in February, my family had made plans to go to Hawaii, but since I got my job very suddenly, they could only get travel reimbursement in the form of a voucher for my ticket (since I obviously couldn't take off a week of vacation after only having been there for three weeks). The flight was through American Airlines which I always have horrible experiences with, but that $110 voucher was too good to pass up, so I booked thru AA instead of my usual Southwest... Oh well!!!

I'd said like ages ago that I wanted to cosplay outer science Merry and meaka very kindly made me a cosplay for it TToTT I made a wig that I was pretty proud of and it was my first time making a wig!!! I was so happy with how the cosplay turned out looking I wanted to cry... I have such cool friends...

But PACKING. Here is before and after packing... The stuffed animals were souvenirs I bought for my JPN professor and my friend's family.

Even after this I think I had to re-pack... I ended up putting the stuffed animals in my backpack. I was bursting the whole trip orz...

But then I was off!!! I had checked in the day before at lunch for my flight at 12:25 and screenshotted the ticket. Then I got there the next morning and pulled up the ticket and nearly fainted because it said it was 12:26... I didn't realize it was the time from the screenshot until I asked someone next to me with a watch to tell me the time and he said 10:00...

I stopped over briefly in Chicago!! It has a really pretty skyline.

After that I flew to Philidelphia!!

By that point it was late, and so I grabbed my stuff (I didn't check any baggage because I took a tiny suitcase, since I don't trust AA not to lose my bag...) and called an Uber. Who... proceeded to be unable to find me, called me multiple times, and I got fed up trying to find him and just jumped in a regular cab. I had to direct him with my phone but thankfully I remembered what Meaka's neighborhood and house looked like so I was OK getting there!!!! We went and got Wawa and I had told them I needed to get toothpaste, so we grabbed our food and drinks, walked halfway to the car and then they said "Wait did you even get what we came here to get." SO WE TURNED AROUND AND WENT BACK ACROSS THE PARKING LOT.

Then I got back to their place and got to try on Merry!!!!! It fit me so well I was relieved... I put on a lot of weight but I should have trusted their craftsmanship... I just don't trust myself to measure myself LOL

THEY ALSO MADE THAT PINAFORE I FELT SO BAD B/C I ALREADY HAD ONE AND FORGOT TO TELL THEM........... But now I have more aprons to add to my collection...

The next day Brielle came and began the drive to National Harbor!!!! It was a nice car ride, I had a lot of fun listening and sharing stories... We stopped at a couple pit stops on the way which was nice!!! And there was a Cinnabon which I haven't eaten since I visited Jay in London so I got to get a teensy little minibon TToTT

Oh. And Meaka dressed up as Yuri on the way down. And I wanted to equally cry and also scold them for torturing me like this.

So we got to National Harbor!!!!! My friends weren't there yet so I had to leave my stuff in Meaka &co's room for a bit but then I got to meet people for real!!! I'd met some of them like... once... but didn't really know names and they were all really fun to talk to and really nice to me!!!! I felt so spoiled... But I was also very spoiled by the Touhou Crew who I used to do cons with and their very structured way of doing things. They even invested in a megaphone to do the photoshoot at Touhoucon... They were very impressive and I really appreciated having a set schedule. With this group there wasn't really one and it stressed me out a little bit but in the end it was never actually a problem, I was just being a baby LOL. And of course I wasn't going to like. Put my foot down and say NO WE'RE GETTING BADGES *THROWS A TANTRUM* because I'm not an eight year old. I just have to learn to go with the flow better lol.

Since Meaka had a busy cosplay schedule they wore their schoolgirl Mob on Thursday night, so I rush-changed into Ritsu with the wig they helped me (read: did all of it) styling. I had fun just clowning around with them while their pals did a Yuri on Ice shoot. I like watching photoshoots...

Then Brielle dragged them around on the floor

After that we went to get badges!!! I was so relieved but my friends were texting me asking if I wanted to get dinner (which I waved off b/c I had no idea what our schedule would be LOL, turns out it was good foresight). I texted my one friend Katherine that I was heading to registration, and then I looked up and THERE THEY ALL WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sprinted across the hall and hugged them all lol I was so happy to see them again TT______TT

After that we waited in line for a long while and I wondered why I was a dummy who hadn't brought her water bottle, but we survived the line!!!!! And Brielle made a great Line Movie and I got to watch the previous ones back when we were in the hotel room. I love them so much.

SO WE GOT BADGES and then went to CVS at some point where I bought bread and nutella and lots of plastic utensils, ostensibly for Ritsu but those knives came in handy for mid-con sandwiches LOL I felt like I was studying abroad in Germany again... For awhile when I was sickest Nutella on white bread was all I could eat.

Then I saw a Lucoa... I knew right then it would be a really good con.

On Friday I was Merry!!! Meaka was doing a cosplay with their pals for a bit of the day and was going to change into Kuroha later so I went around by myself for most of the morning. It was nice having a little alone time!!! I got a complement from people on both my hair and my dress and I was like >w

I had a lot of fun just cosplay-watching!!! There were so many pretty people and cool costumes, I was in shit heaven. There were also idol boys so I took their pictures for Jay and Chi!!

The Leo (orange hair) caught my eye first because I recognized the hair, so I asked for a pic and they pulled me over to their main group after because they were about to do a photoshoot. I was really thankful I caught them in time!!!

Then I saw a Jaehee and I only wanted her pic but I didn't want to be an asshole.

And more idol boys... I think these are R*bbits? I don't remember... But I remember thinking they were really cute lol... I think one of them likes the aquarium? Or sea turtles. Blue hair. <-literally my thought process

At some point a Kuroha stopped me and I kind of froze up... Because I couldn't see their face well, I thought it was Meaka, but then they spoke and said something like "MY QUEEN" and I was like ah... not them... But they had a Seto with them and I told them about Meaka and hoped we would meet up again later... Spoiler: we did!!!

Then I met up with Meaka!!! Actually, that might have been a little earlier. But I went around the artist alley with them and we cooed over all the cute and cool art... I bought so much art in there over the weekend, I was so happy with my haul... After that we went to the dealer's room and my feet were killing me because of the shoes I wore for Merry so I had to ask for breaks pretty frequently orz... But at some point we saw a cool Tetra!!!

We mostly explored for the day, and a few people stopped us to tell us they liked our outfits!!!! I also saw a Teru, a Dimple, and a Tomoe. I was so happy someone cosplayed Tomoe!!! She had a sign-up sheet and everything.

And then Meaka and I saw the other Kuroha and Seto again!! We got someone (I think they were the other Kuroha's friend) to take some pics... I liked how they turned out ahaha I realized halfway thru that I was covering my whole face so I stopped doing that LOL. I'm self conscious of my jaw/chin I think.

Bye Seto.

Then we saw this SUPER COOL YUBABA and a No-Face!!!!! They looked so cool...

And a Teru and Mob pair from Seventh Claw arc!!! I bet cosplaying Mob is hard because you can't smile...

And of course the cutest children... I love Z-Power Lillie...

OH AND WE SAW SQUIDS!!! They gave us lewd squid valentines after we took their picture. I was so happy to see someone rocking the bucket. It's like me and Meaka in squid form.

And... Then I saw a Levi. And I didn't want to take their picture. But their make up was so incredible. I decided there was no helping it. So I took a Shingeki no Kyojin picture at this con. I feel my sins crawling on my back.

They were very cool, though. Perfectly "I hate this place."

Both Meaka and I have things we like to buy at cons... For me it's Cinnamoroll, for them it is the kirb. But we both have so much merch of our respective Things, that it's hard to find anything new. I didn't find a single Cinnamon, even when I found Sanrio merch there was none!!! But Meaka... Found a blow-up Kirby beach ball-like toy. There was an awake version and a sleepy one, and they got the sleepy one because it's precious. Here's them blowing it up as their pals did a Fat Princess cosplay.

Then we went back to walking around! We saw a Mallow outside the dealer's room and I loved their Bounsweet... Perfectly huggable...

After that we began to head to dinner, but not before I got a few more pics...

I was so happy to see a Child of Light cosplay!! I think I ended up taking her picture twice but the next time was with the little lampy so it's fine =w=

Then we braved the cold! It wasn't actually that cold. Apparently there used to be some kind of Mexican place, but it was replaced with a Chipotle? So we went on a hunt! I always feel kind of shy going out in the Real World in cosplay, but it feels easier when I have friends. We found a bunch of statues and so Merry shook Mr. Lincoln's hand.

After that nice dinner we headed back! Every time we had to use the elevators, it was kind of a pain given how many people there were... So we usually grabbed the first one we could get. We wanted to go up so Brielle could change, and then... Then out of the elevator comes...

I almost screamed... I quickly snapped their picture but the elevator was gone... Once we got into the next elevator, I was basically crying... I knew this would be a good con.

Then we got back to the room and Brielle changed into SNAKE. Basically it was a black bodysuit with red eyes painted to be like the evil snakes from KagePro. It was absolutely phenomenal and I was laughing the whole time we took photos... and of course forgot to take any of my own. I cannot wait to get those pictures. I'll frame them.

I wanted to see the ocean, so Meaka and I walked out to it! Merry was really warm, so we enjoyed some time out by the pier and I snapped some night pics. This one was a mistake, but I liked how it turned out.

On Saturday I was Ritsu! Since I didn't have Mob, I had Meaka put Dimple cheeks on me. A few people thought I was Dimple, but... No...! I'm Ritsu!!!!! Ritsu desu ga!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Katherine and her false sister Alyssa were also doing maids that day, so we took a pic together as maid squad. Alyssa said it's a good pic b/c it captures all of our personalities really well.

After that I was back to walking around with Meaka! They were doing a pokemon cosplay that day, as Squirtle, and they looked super cute... I found a Kumiko and was shocked!!! Happy shocked, but still shocked!!! I loved her euphonium.

I also saw a really pretty Sakura and Syaoran!! There was a CCS shoot later that day so they were all decked out and looking awesome *o*

I was alone for a little bit and passed by the CCS shoot! There were lots of cute cosplayers and I loved this Sakura and Tomoyo pair TToTT I love when people cosplay their more casual outfits.

For awhile I was waiting for people, so I did a lot of people watching! I saw this cute Rinpana and snagged their pic as well... There were *lots* of Love Lives and so many of them were amazing!!!

There were also lots of Overwatches. I don't really know a lot about the game aside from fandom osmosis, but I have pals who like Tracer, and she's gay, so I had to grab this one's pic.

Then we met up with Brielle and Meaka's other pals and walked the artist alley!! I enjoy doing that sort of thing with other people. Brielle was also being a pokemon! She was Tentacruel, and Meaka was Squirtle. Here they are judging me.

My feet were killing me again so I stopped to take a break later on with Meaka... Then I saw my pal and another friend! We stopped to chat and she posed with my cute Cafe-san that I bought earlier in the dealer's room. The cutest maids.

After that it was photoshoot time!!! Since it was a water pokemon theme, they wanted to do it by the beach, and I was like HELL YEAH!!!!! So I went to be moral support (read: ogling everyone and gazing out at the sea).

I didn't get any pictures of them because I'm a serious idiot though... I either take too many pictures or not any at all... I can't wait to see how those pictures turned out.

The whole weekend I was really hoping to see some im@s girls and apparently missed a photoshoot of it... But luckily I still found some!!! I have horrible face recognition and ended up taking the Rika's picture again later that night, I think... I just got excited and didn't want to miss the chance...

I didn't end up taking a lot of selfies this trip, but Meaka's pals kindly lent me their serving plates that they used for the Fat Princess cosplay group, so I had Meaka take some of me with those!! That little Dimple pin was given to me on Thursday by another Mob Psycho cosplayer, I think it may have been the Dimple/Teru/Tomoe threesome? Either way, super cute thingie of one of my least favs... I treasure it.

After THAT, Meaka wanted to do Fukase! I poisoned them with Vocaloid and they made a whole cosplay for it and I was so excited to see it... Fukase has a really weird design but they pulled it off so well... It was also their first time doing stage make-up and they did it so well!!!!!!! I was so impressed and ended up being a creepy and taking pics while they worked.

^I really like this one... And the finished product!

Then we went off to explore so they could show off! A few people stopped them happy to see a Fukase and I was amazed people recognized him, in all honesty... He's only a year old! But SEKAI NO OWARI is a pretty popular weeb band, after all. Still, I was so happy for them, it was such a good cosplay and they pulled it off amazingly...

Then I saw a Mika and grabbed her pic! That was the Rika in the corner I grabbed two pics of... I actually wanted one of them together, but I kind of like this one of Rika just gazing at her big sis like "dam I wanna be that hot" LOL...

THEN I SAW THEM... THE BEST COSPLAY OF THE CON... BOY MAYOR... They gave me a little condiment container. I was in tears. The reverse of their sign said "I AM BOY MAYOR" or something, but when they showed me this side, I was like, PLEASE HOLD UP THAT ONE.

Oh, and here's Meaka by a trash can.

I was getting kind of sleepy at this point but wanted to keep walking around with them. They had issues seeing well since one eye was completely covered, so I tried to stay on that side so they wouldn't get frightened by someone suddenly being there. Then I saw a Reigen and said oh man! And they were like yeah! And I said, I want to grab a pic, and turned. I asked the Reigen for a pic, and he grinned and said "SURE!" and hurled a package of mini donuts over his shoulder and struck a pose. I was dying laughing.

Then I turned around and... MEAKA WAS ACROSS THE ROOM, STILL WALKING. I ran after them and was like YOURE BLIND!!!!!!! THEY WERE LIKE NO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took a break to rest my baby feet and I put a water bottle on their head.

The next day I was just a maid! I wore my Youmu wig for anonymity because I'm a child. I saw the Child of Light cosplayer again (?) with her firefly so I got a pic!

There had been this tiny Miku I had been squealing over all weekend, so I finally bit the bullet and bought her. On Sunday I was mostly waiting for a commission to be finished, and when they texted me I basically raced to the artist alley to get it... I was so ecstatic, my perfect donut idol...

Most of Sunday was just exploring the lasts of the con! It was pretty laid back. I packed up and we filled up Brielle's car, then we went outside later in the day to do a Noragami photoshoot with Meaka's group. It was such a pretty day! It was probably 60F and super sunny, I laid in the sun for awhile after we did the shoot... And again I got no pictures with my own phone, because I'm a fucking idiot. Except this selfie which Brielle photobombed.

Then I wanted to take pictures of me by the sea! I just wanted it on my phone, but one of Meaka's friends who has a cool camera said she wanted to take pics too. I was like, OKAY!!! And we went over to the sea. It was high tide so there was no beach, so I just hopped down the little ledge onto the rocks, and Meaka and their friend were like "Be careful." I was like, "I'm gonna shit on this rock." And they were like, "There's a baby five feet away." Then the baby's parent took my picture. I felt very bad.

And Meaka left me a gift, of course:

I really don't know how to pose for photos... So most of this was just me messing around. But meaka is good at taking photos. I like how they turned out a lot!!

^They were giving me the finger.

^My fav =w=

Then we began on the drive home! And... I'll write the rest a little later, LOL. This was a lot so far.

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