meidos: (mad men * NNOOOOOOOOO)
mあddy ([personal profile] meidos) wrote2015-07-13 11:06 pm

i just need to remember this

"doop doop doo time to do some runs on 2-1 but i'm sick of that, let's change it up and go to 2-3! yeah!"

(drop screen)

"great another light cruiser I be--"

"OH!!! WOW!!!! THAT'S... great, it's not the battleship I wanted but I can't really afford to be picky!!!! wow this is great I've been searching for a battleship for like two weeks finally!!!!!!!!!!"

(6 hours later)

"okay, let's do some quest clearing while ships are in docks"

"doot doot i'm kinda sick of using the same old recipe, let's try this battleship method, at least I might get a heavy cruiser out of i--"

"OH!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit two battleships in the same day AND IT'S NAGATO AT THAT WOW THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i can enter the event after all OMg...."

"alright... well, there's no point in wasting resources anymore doing ship construction today, let's just get some modernization fodder and go with a destroyer recipe, that'll b--"


"o-okay... let's.... here, get in my fleet... gosh it'd be great if we could get your girlfriend next but i know that's--"



"time to do some runs with the new boats let's just do this quickly so i can kai the--"


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