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th12 TD * patterns

Stage portion analysis. No spell cards or boss nonspells.

Stage 1 Enjoyment, Even in Death - Night Cherry Blossoms in the Netherworld
*Fairies alternating power/点
*Red fairies above the "ful" in cheerful; Red fairies to right; 点 fairies to left
*Large fairy in center
*Sets of 3 large fairies come in from alternate sides
*Divine spirits
*Sets of 3 again, sides are ordered but like hell I remember them
*Yuyuko Saigyouji
**Symbol "Dance of the Dead Butterflies" (EN) // Symbol "Dance of the Dead Butterflies -Cherry Blossoms-" (HL)
**Ghostly Butterfly "Ghost Spot" (EN) // Ghostly Butterfly "Ghost Spot -Cherry Blossoms-" (HL)
**Nether Sign "Endless Evening Cherry Blossoms" (ENHL)
**Cherry Blossom Sign "Saigyou Cherry Blossom Blizzard" (HL)

Stage 2 The Youkai Before the Gate, Reading an Unlearnable Sutra - The Road to Myouren Temple
*Yin yangs start from top right, new set from middle of screen along left wall, then right wall
*Big fairies come in numbered sets, small to large sets
*Mixed power/点 yin yangs start from left, then right; mix
*Strong fairies, left and right, one in center after them
*Red fairies come in from top right, U turn to bottom right. Same with top left, then blue from bottom to top. Patterned, honed.
**Echo Sign "Mountain Echo" (EN) // Echo Sign "Mountain Echo Scramble" (HL)
*U-Turn Fairies again
*Single fairies from both sides again
*Kasodani Kyoukou
**Echo Sign "Power Resonance" (ENHL)
**Mountain Echo "Long-Range Echo" (EN) // Mountain Range "Amplify Echo" (HL)
**Great Voice "Charged Cry" (EN) // Great Voice "Charged Yahoo!" (HL)

Stage 3 A Straight Line Paradise - Myouren Temple Cemetery
*Divine spirits start from middle of screen on right, in straight line to left; left starts once they're near the left wall.
*Large fairies from left first, then from right, then at the same time.
*Purple fire fairies on left, spirits on right; Switch.
*2 fairies come down and wave in bullets; 2 more follow
*Diagonal divine spirits from right to left, then alternating twice.
**Rainbow Sign "Umbrella Cyclone" (HL)
*Spinning green nameless spirits from both sides
*Repeat of large fairies from left, then right, then same time.
*Repeat of diagonal divine spirits pattern; ends with both diagonals at same time
*Yoshika Miyako
**Recovery "Heal by Desire" (ENHL)
**Poison Nail "Poison Raze" (EN) // Poison Nail "Poison Murder" (HL)
**Desire Sign "Saved Up Desire Spirit Invitation" (EN) // Desire Sign "Score Desire Eater" (HL)

Stage 4 Accelerating Luxury - A Hole in the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum
*Fairies from top come down in diagonals
*Divine spirits from bottom of screen starting right, then left
*More diagonal top fairies; purple fire fairies, as well
*Sunflower fairies in alternating sides
**Evil Sign "Yang Xiaogui" (N) // Evil Sign "Guhun Yegui" (HL)
*Fairies from left and right at same time, with sunflowers. Small pauses to do POC.
*Sunflower fairies on right and left multiple times
*Seiga Nyan Nyan (Seiga Kaku) and Yoshika Miyako
**Demonify "Zouhuo Rumo" (ENHL)
**Possession "Corpse Tongji" (EN) // Spirit Link "Tongling Yoshika" (HL)
**Path Sign "Dao Fetal Movement" (ENHL)

Stage 5 Blood of Those with Hidden Power - The Dream Palace Great Mausoleum
*Sunflower fairy in middle, half-circle of divine spirits
*Repeat of above twice, sunflower fairy in different spots
*Mix of red/点 fairies from right wall
*Big fairies in diagonal pattern from L->R
*Repeat, but R->L
*Laser-shooting yin-yangs
*Big fairies in diagonal again, both L->R and opposite
**Thunder Arrow "Gagouji's Cyclone" (NH) // Thunder Arrow "Gagouji's Tornado" (L)
*Divine spirits in larger and larger circles, spiral inwards then out.
*Big fairies from left, middle, right.
*Big fairies from left, right at same time.
*Mononobe no Futo
**Heaven Sign "Rainy Iwafune" (EN) // Heaven Sign "Iwafune Ascending to Heaven" (HL)
**Throwing Dishes "Mononobe's Eighty Sake Cups" (ENHL)
**Blaze Sign "Blazing Winds of Haibutsu" (EN) // Blaze Sign "Sakuraiji in Flames" (HL)
**Saint Girl "Oomonoimi's Dinner" (ENHL)

Stage 6 Hold Harmony Sacred - The Divine Spirit Mausoleum
*Sunflower fairies with long tails of divine spirits, from mid-left and right, then left, then top right.
*Again, mid-left and top right, then top right and left, and again.
*Yin yang orbs with lasers, appear in specific pattern four times.
*Huge goddamn mess of sunflower fairies with divine spirit tails.
*Toyosatomimi no Miko
**Honor "Colors of Twelve Levels" (EN) // Honor "Ranks of Twelve Levels" (HL)
**Hermit Sign "Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun" (EN) // Hermit Sign "Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun" (HL)
**Summon "Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance" (ENHL)
**Secret Treasure "Armillary Sphere of Ikaruga-dera" (ENH) // Secret Treasure "Prince Shotoku's Out-of-place Artifact" (L)
**Light Sign "Halo of the Guse Kannon" (EN) // Light Sign "Guse Flash" (HL)
**Discernment "Laser of Seventeen Articles" (EN) // Divine Light "Honour the Avoidance of Defiance" (HL)
**"Falling Stars on Divine Spirit Mausoleum" (EN) // "Newborn Divine Spirit" (HL)