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Mako: "Okay, Yui, are you ready? Levi's gonna help re-attach your head!"
Yui: "R-Really?! Thank you...! Umm, it won't hurt, right?"

Levi: "...It might."

Mako: "What the heckle is your problem?! You can't say something like that!!"
Levi: "She asked, and I told her the truth. What was I supposed to do, lie?"
Yui: "I'm so scared..."

Mako: "Hey, don't worry, Yui! You'll be just fine! Levi's just making a dumb poop joke!"
Yui: "H-He was...?"
Levi: "...Sure."

Mako: "You can do it, Yui!! Soon you're gonna be like, 'smile' and 'ha-ha!' all the time again! It's gonna be great!"
Yui: "Yeah... Yeah! Okay! I'm ready, Mr. Levi!"
Levi: "Well, then..."

Levi:"Let's begin."


Levi: "Done."
Yui: "Huh?!"

Yui: "Oh, wow, I can feel my face...! It's really there!"
Mako: "He did it!!! Yui, your smile is back!!"
Yui: "Yeah! Thanks, Mr. Levi!"
Levi: "Yeah. Whatever."

Yui: "Thanks, Mako, for all your help!"
Mako: "No way! I hardly did anything! You were soooo brave!!"
Levi: "I did most of the work, you know."

Youmu: "Myon... What did we just witness..."
Myon: (ghost noises)
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Look at this goddamn nerd playing with dolls.