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i got a.... another doll...

I think her name will be miyuki

More under the cut

Truth be told I had no other plans for dolls and I feel the same way now, but it's more fun with two than just one, I think it can be more fun to take pics!!!!


Here she is in all her boxed glory. She's a Pullip Nana-chan, which is a doll of Japanese singer's... cat. I guess. She was released alongside a Taeyang based on said singer, who got his beginnings as a Vocaloid song utaite. My worlds are colliding.

Still in the box. I had a lot of trouble with getting her out, it took me 5-10 minutes, which is super sad. I was also a little miffed with her ears, they weren't nearly as perky as I had assumed, and tying the ribbon around her head is annoying. I might get some teeny tiny clips and attach them like that.

Still in the box! I was trying to get a better look at her eyes. They're almost... lime green?

She's out!!! I loved her immediately. She's so fluffy and cute, and her outfit is sooooo precious. I was a little surprised at how long her bangs are. I want to get her new eye chips, and when I do, I'll probably find a way to push her bangs aside.

A better look at her face. I love her eyebrows.

Her HAIR!!!! It came tied up a bit into two separated sections, probably to keep it from knotting, but I love it love it love it. It was initially what sold me on her. I've heard doll owners say they can't stand curly hair on dolls because it's hard to manage, but I haven't had any issues so far. Nana-chan's hair is super soft and luxe and akjhkdjsdhfkj. You can also see her little tail in there!

At this point I pulled her dress off to get a better look at her stock and found she came with BLOOMERS. SO CUTE. Also her tail bends!

Her card... I can't take these out of their little sleeves without bending them. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Ok, no more pictures, the cat is sleepy.


ok maybe one more

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