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uhh i bought a doll

So I wanted a pullip forever but could never convince myself to spend that much on what was essentially a money sink (since I knew I wanted to buy it cute clothes and stuff). But now that I'm Adult and have a paying job I was like, WELL, I'M DEPRESSED, LET'S DO IT.

So far i do not regret my decision one bit! I love my girl. She's a Pullip Kore which was released late last year, so i was able to buy her nrfb for a very good price. She came here on October 2 2014 on a grey and stormy day, so I wanted to choose a name to reflect that. And I ended up naming her Silvia, or Silvie for short!

Here she is in her box. I'm sorry that all these pictures are so weird sized - all I have is a phone to take photos with. Anyway, I really love the box design, it's so colorful! (Though you can't see in my shit room)

Still taped in. Her hair will never be like that again.

Stretching her legs a bit! This is in my closet, where I decided to take most of the pictures due to it actually having light.

Close up of her face. I love her little smile!!!!

Her stock outfit is a little... long. I love how it looks on her, but standing her up in it is a chore in and of itself. She came with a little slip beneath the dress, but it fits her so tightly that she can't spread her legs, so I took it off.

her friend the sheep

it matches her colors very well!

I love love love her hair. It's soft and curly and so cute!!!

Then I got to sewing. I bought some cheapo fabric squares from Jo Anns and tested a little dress for her, but ended up making it way too short. Still, good practice, and the color looks nice on her.

Then, today, I went to a DOLL HOSPITAL and found clothes for her! I actually went to 4 doll stores, but only one actually existed.

This one is a bit large on her, but I like how it spreads out from her body. The lace is also adorable. The color is a little dark on her complexion & hair, but ah well.

I found a cute sheer lace dress and.. realized it was quite sheer.

So I stuck her slip on underneath. Much better. You can also see here how tightly it pulls her legs in.

The last thing I got was this skirt. Way too big on her (it's folded up behind her), but I really love it. It looks nice with the crappy top I made.

I'm so happy with my anime doll!!!!!!!!!
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[personal profile] schmoechen 2014-10-05 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
A real beauty. It makes me happy to see that you treated yourself and enjoy her, and that she doubles as a miniature clothing model is a great bonus. Those are very pretty clothes you got her at the doll hospital, and the dress shirt you made her is super cute for a more casual look. Personally I especially love the white lace dress (of course).

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of her! ❤️
ridi: electrode (Default)

[personal profile] ridi 2014-10-05 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
She is really beautiful!! I'm so happy for you!!! I hope your doll and my doll can be frienz
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[personal profile] meaka 2014-10-05 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
THAT'S A REALLY CUTE DOLL! You're a working adult so you should treat yourself to nice things, especially if it's something you wanted for a while!!!

I look forward to more cute photos.
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[personal profile] cutiehoney 2014-10-13 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
omfg i just saw this SHES SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE !!! i really like her in the green dress actually and i like how you posed her covering her chest in the sheer dress lmfao SO CUTE!!!!!